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A new GNUmed version is out. The version name is up to which implies a whole new set of features. Here is a short list:

* KOrganizer support
o display today's appointments in GNUmed
o start KOrganizer on demand

* improved gm_ctl_client support
o start GNUmed instance on demand

* client startup
o make database welcome message optional
o user accessible slave mode switching

* external patient loader
o check AU PracSoft section for file existance

* improved exception handling
o custom detection of missing modules

* OOo-based templated letter writing

Feedback from our users has proven invaluable. Tests have been performed mostly on GNU/Linux systems but we are actively looking into providing the same feature set on MS Windows. From a users point of view a lot of things have yet again improved. The remote control mode has been consolidated.

The most visible feature might be the use of for medical letter writing and storage.
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