GNUmed 0.7.0 released

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GNUmed 0.7.0 released

Beitragvon shilbert » Sonntag 11. April 2010, 21:18

Dear friends,

I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of
GNUmed 0.7.0 (server v13).

The database, as usual, needs to be upgraded to v13. The
previous v12 version will remain untouched so in case of
problems one can just go back until fixed.

This release features a rather unexpected new functionality:
visual progress notes. Those are sketches/images (such as
visual markers onto templates or clinical photographs)
standing side by side with the clinical narrative of any
given encounter.

Translations have seen a big improvement, particularly Dutch.

Several major inconsistencies have been solved, particularly
around switching encounters on a patient and the dreaded
Edit Area layout issue.

Here is the Changelog:


- new: manage diagnostic orgs
- new: manage date of death per patient
- new: manage discontinuation of substance intake
- new: turn substance intake entry into allergy
- new: hooks
- after_substance_intake_modified
- hook after_test_result_modified
- new: visual progress notes
- new: initial support for FreeDiams drug database frontend including install helper
- new: commandline option --ui=<web/wxp> with rudimentary CherryPy frontend
- new: show list of all configuration settings
- new: configurable web search for test type from test result edit area
- new: systemwide/user-level optional shutdown scripts invoked from /usr/bin/gnumed
- new: Centor/McIsaac-Score as keyword expansions
- new: man pages for backup scripts
- new: partial Catalan translation

- improved: login dialag:
- hint about local DB on failure
- do not show password ;-)
- improved: show allergies in substance intake edit area
- improved: warn on creating database users with empty passwords
- improved: default region/country for new-person creation
- improved: show lab name/contact details in measurement tooltip
- improved: always use new person creation rather than old
- improved: placeholders:
- name::*::*
- improved: various typos
- improved: do not fail if unable to show part when adding documents
- improved: cleaner/faster display of documents in tree, and sorted, eventually !
- improved: ARRIBA is now v2.0.4
- improved: using Git for SCM now
- improved: now directly under client/
- improved: startup size will never go beyond screen size/below 100x100 pixel
- improved: Dutch translation
- improved: use per-engine wildcards on form template selection
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