installation main problem

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installation main problem

Beitragvon Janna » Dienstag 23. März 2010, 08:15

While installing this software, & when it comes to bootstrapping the database shows the following error:

bootstrapping failed: undhandled exception occurred

+ other errors ...

Any solution pls, thank you..
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Re: installation main problem

Beitragvon wahnfried » Mittwoch 24. März 2010, 07:13

hi also,

which version (GNUmed server / GNUmed client) did you install? Windows or Linux? (...version of...?)

While bootstrapping: had it been needed to use passwords or only "yes" at all?

Connecting with the internet-demo-database is functional?

When running pgAdmin III from PostgreSQL_8.3-program-group: can you connect the red-crossed "PostgreSQL Database Server 8.3 (localhost: 5432)", using as password: postgrespassword.

After connecting: do you have listed in its folders one or two or three databases? Must have "postgres" AND "gnumed_vxx", perhaps more than one "gnumed_v2" to "gnumed_v12". Please describe...

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Re: installation main problem

Beitragvon shilbert » Sonntag 20. März 2011, 13:23

Installation has been reworked completely. Please try with a newer version.


Thanks for your interest in GNUmed.
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