GNUmed 0.3.2

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GNUmed 0.3.2

Beitragvon shilbert » Freitag 12. September 2008, 21:58

The major new feature is Test Results Handling.

- configuration and logging has been redone
- documents are much improved
- printing, faxing, mailing
- external permalinks
- change type across all documents
- a lot more backend signals allow for realtime client update
- database downtime can be signalled to clients
- client can check for available upgrades
- progress note display much improved
- unsaved progress notes are warned before changing
patient or closing client
- progress notes support keyword based expansion (macros)

Debian: Note that this is NOT INTENDED FOR LENNY.

In this GNUmed release I have planted two Easter Eggs ...

Happy Hunting ! :-)
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